Kobold Guide to Dungeons Available Now


Hey, check out where I just showed up! The Kobold Guide to Dungeons gives both new and experienced gamemasters more than 100 pages of ideas and insight into making dungeons great. Contributors include Keith Baker, Wolfgang Baur, Zeb Cook, Dominique Dickey, Basheer Ghouse, Sadie Lowry, Frank Mentzer, Bruce Nesmith, Mario Ortegón, Erin Roberts, Terry Hope Romero, Hannah Rose, Lawrence Schick, Gail Simone, Barbara Webb and yours truly.

My contribution? I write about escape routes—where to go when there’s no longer any good reason to stay.

Buy it now from Kobold Press, or preorder from your favorite bookstore (available in stores June 6).

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Praise for The Monsters Know What They’re Doing: Combat Tactics for Dungeon Masters

“I’ve always said, the Dungeon Master is the whole world except for his players, and as a result, I spend countless hours prepping for my home group. What Keith gets is that the monsters are the DM’s characters, and his work has been super helpful in adding logic, flavor, and fun in my quest to slaughter my players’ characters and laugh out the window as they cry in their cars afterward.” —Joe Manganiello

“The best movie villains are the ones you fall in love with. Keith’s book grounds villains in specificity, motivation, and tactics—so much so that players will love to hate ’em. This book will enrich your game immeasurably!” —Matthew Lillard

“This book almost instantly made me a better Dungeon Master. If you’re running games, it is a must-have enhancement. I gave copies to the two others in our group who share in the Dungeon Mastering, and both of them came back the next time grinning rather slyly. Keith is a diabolical genius, and I say that with the utmost respect!” —R.A. Salvatore

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