Live to Tell the Tale Online Tactics Workshop, June 27

Live to Tell the Tale CoverMany people talk about highly tactical combat and immersive roleplaying as if they were opposite ends of a spectrum. They’re not! Knowing how your player characters fight and win is a way of roleplaying their competence—and keeping them alive means keeping their stories going!

To promote the upcoming release of Live to Tell the Tale: Combat Tactics for Player Characters, I’ve invited five D&D streamers—RJ Cresswell (The Grimwode Saga), Katie “Goblinkatie” Downey (D4, Stellar Arcanum), LaTia Jacquise (Rivals of Waterdeep), Blythe Kala (Star Trek: Perseverance) and B. Dave Walters (Beyond Heroes, L.A. by Night)—to put tactical advice into action in a livestreamed combat encounter this Saturday, June 27, from 2 to 4 PM CDT (7 to 9 PM UTC) at

Each of these players will bring a new level 1 protagonist to the table, and we’ll talk about how to play each of those PCs effectively. Then those PCs’ “future selves”—level 5 versions of the originals—will band together to confront a deadly foe. Will they prevail? I think so . . . but I don’t plan to make it easy!

7 thoughts on “Live to Tell the Tale Online Tactics Workshop, June 27

  1. Yay! I got the email that my preorder of this was ready to ship. I bought the first pdf so looking forward to having it updated and in a book 🙂

    1. Maybe? We had some technical difficulties that sawed 18 minutes off the total runtime, and the combat encounter portion ended up too short to be a good demonstration of the concepts discussed in the first part. We did have a blast, though!

  2. Also, I already bought live to tell the tale last year, will I need to purchase a new version or will I be updated

  3. Loved the first portion – I want to order a copy for all my players, but I must be content with pre-ordering my own (done!) and encouraging them to read it.

  4. Just got my copy yesterday, and I read it all last night! It was fantastic. An excellent companion to Monsters. Congratulations on another great work!

  5. Loving the book so far but would love to see additional class tactics. Specifically for the Artificer. Thanks for the great read!

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