Two ENnie Nominations!

Well, knock me over with a feather: The judges have chosen nominees for the 2020 ENnie Awards, and The Monsters Know What They’re Doing is on there twice, nominated for Best Online Content (for this blog) and Best Writing (for the eponymous book). Huzzah!

The ENies are “people’s choice” awards, which means your favorite nominees are counting on you to show your support! To cast your ballot, visit by July 12.

To vote for Best Online Content:

To vote for Best Writing:

Your enthusiastic comments have kept this project going since 2016. I initially wasn’t sure a demand existed for tactical analyses of monster behavior, but you’ve shown me that not only is there demand for it, there’s a hunger for it. Thanks for letting me feed you.

3 thoughts on “Two ENnie Nominations!

    1. In case it’s not clear, you vote according to your ranked preference, so 1 is your top choice. If you give something a 5, you’re saying it’s your last choice, after the other four.

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